How to Disable Notifications on your iPhone or iPad

In a bid to keep only the notifications you want on your Apple device, here’s what to do.

Disable App Notifications

To disable an app’s notifications,

  • Open the Settings app and tap the “Notifications” category.

In the “Notification Style” column, there’s a list of every app installed that can display notifications. Below each app, the type of notification being displayed is stipulated. If an app can’t show notifications or you’ve turned them off, you’ll see “Off” instead.

  • Tap an app in the list to change its notification settings.

  • Toggle the app’s “Allow Notifications” to off to disable all notifications for the app.
  • Tap the “< Notifications” option at the top of the screen to go back, and repeat this process to disable notifications for as many apps as you like.

You can also disable specific types of notifications for apps. Say, maybe you want to get notification messages but no sound or you want to see a badge on the app’s icon but no notification banners.

To change how an app shows notifications, pull off the options on the Notifications screen instead of turning them off entirely. For instance, disable the “Sounds” slider if you want to disable sounds, or disable all the options under “Alerts” if you do not want to see any notification messages.

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