Google restores ad blocker for Samsung browser to the Play Store

In the aftermath of the last week mini-drama, Google has proceeded to today restore back to the Play Storen an ad blocking plugin for Samsung’s Android browser.

Going by a blog post released by the developer of the app,the plugin, Adblock Fast, had only been removed last Tuesday from the Play Store following its brief 24-hour availability as Google has pointed out that the plugin contradicted a section of the Store’s developer agreements. The specific rule which supposedly violated pertains to plugins modifying other third-party applications, which is strictly forbidden by Google.

Google restores ad blocker for Samsung browser to the Play Store

Adblock Fast comes in handy as one of a handful of new plugins for Samsung’s preinstalled browser which gives users the functionality to block content as well as apps from displaying when viewing web sites. It works in close methodology to how content blockers work in iOS 9 on the iPhone. Quite without any explanation, the other plugins that have been released were never at one interval cleared ffrom the Play Store by Google, despite the fact that they closely resemble the operation, they all world well. Rocketship Apps, who we may know by reputation. of building Adblock Fast, had filed for an appeal of Google’s decision some days ago week and the app was reinstated without detailed explanatory details In the condition where you possess a Samsung device with Android 4.0 or newer, you could download Adblock Fast from the Play Store now, though there is the expectation that it would only be compatible if your device also has Android 6.0 Marshmallow and.

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