Google launches Gmail Go for Android

Google has brought in Gmail Go which happens to be its latest addition to its line of “Go” apps that are reasonably limited versions of their original. Go apps occupy lesser amount of space on smartphones and yet they still are capable of rendering the basic services that the original apps provide. More so, Go apps are meant for smartphones that have less specs – battery life, limited memory space and lower-end processors – they are also suited for places with poor connectivity and/or expensive cellular data prices.

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Gmail Go still allows users the luxury of multiple accounts, automatically filter social and promotional emails and at the same time arranging emails from friends and family based on priority, take delivery of new email notifications, have access to 15GB of free storage, and read and respond to mails both online and offline, conversation view, attachments, as well as push notifications for new messages. There are nonetheless other nonessential features that are missing like the fact that images will not load automatically because that is the way it can use less of both RAM and ROM.

The reports from our sources also state that the Gmail Go is clocked in at a 9.51 MB download and it takes up just about 25 MB of memory space on the device in contrast to Gmail which takes up 20.66 MB to download and 47 MB of storage.

Gmail Go is not only efficient in that it takes less memory capacity, it also needs less data than the usual Gmail app uses. The reason for the entire “Go” series is for Google to make its products more accessible in countries whose citizens use devices with lower memory space and don’t have a way to access faster speeds for the internet.

Gmail go is currently available and it has incorporated other Google Go apps like YouTube, Files, and Chrome Go.

In conclusion, there is not so much of a difference between Gmail Go and the original Gmail app in terms of feature set.

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