Google designs an AI-powered emoji scavenger hunt

According to the report reaching us from our sources, Google has introduced a new feature for Android devices. If your phone is close at hand, got to and you can participate in the fun. As suggested by the URL, it is an emoji scavenger hunt, a new artificial intelligence experiment that was designed by Google in order to show how the machine tools of the company can be used to make games. In this game, you make use of the camera of your phone to find objects that match an emoji within a specific time limit. Whenever, you find a particular one, your time duration in the game increases.

This little experiment was well implemented, however, as reported by our sources, the feature for object recognition is sometimes characterized by chance.

The game is based on Tensorflow.js, a platform for browser based JavaScript library used for grooming and spreading ML models. The platform gives developers the ability to use highly advanced machine learning tools in web browsers. This will also give developers an ability to learn how to make similar AI games or apps here. You can also check out Google’s other AI experiments here.

Experiments of this nature are a good example of how AI features like object recognition are gaining entry progressively into more and more parts of everyday life. It is also a good reminder that this very week is Google’s I/O developer conference where we expect the company will certainly have some good news to share with the general public worldwide. We’ve heard rumours that the company has an update planned for its AI camera app, Google Lens, and there’s a huge chance we will hear some more about the company’s cloud offerings like AutoML and its specialized AI chips commonly called TPUs.

In other news, the company trained its AI by feeding it a “billion conversation-like pairs of sentences”, so that it can learn to identify what a good response looks like.

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