Apple admits iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models have disabled microphones on phone calls

According to the report reaching us from our sources, a document was leaked in which Apple admitted to the fact that some 7 and 7 Plus models of the iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later may have a bug which disables the microphone during phone calls. Some of the few users whose devices were affected may have seen their speaker button grayed-out when making calls or video chatting through FaceTime. Although what we’ve noticed is that the issue affects phones that are running that version of iOS or versions that came after 11.3.

In the few months that have passed, a few users on Reddit and Twitter have reported that they are experiencing these microphone issues and as a result of the leaked document sent out to the Authorized Service Providers network of Apple, it shows that the company is definitely aware of the issue.

Apple is therefore on this note, urging the aforementioned tech support workers to tell customers to first unpair or turn off any Bluetooth devices and accessories which have been connected to their iPhones as a possible solution. Once that is attempted and it doesn’t mediate the situation, tech companies are also advised to run audio diagnostics which will show if the iPhone needs repair with alert messages like “accessory not supported” or “device could not detect dock.” If it appears that such a message should pop up, the tech support can start fixing the iPhone. However, our sources say that it is not clear from the document what the actual software or hardware issue is.

Even though the user doesn’t have a warranty covered device, Apple is making an exception and its store employees at the Genius Bar will fix the issue without any form of delay. Though, the document may imply that the repair is free, it didn’t exactly say so. Therefore, on this note, we have reached Apple for comment.

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