Google Begins Testing Password-Free Logins

Google very recently made confirmation that it has its hands on a process of testing a new way which you could take to sign into your Google account without the need of typing in a password.

The password could be going

The password could be going

In this potential new medium, those who have gotten invitations to try this new medium of logging in authenticate by means of response to a notification sent to their smartphone.
The idea bears resemblance to Yahoo’s recently launched “Account Key,” which in the same vein offers a password-free medium of signing in which entails a process of a push notification sent to your phone which then opens an app where you go about approving the log-in.

Passwords are well known to be the weakest parts when in the procedure of securing users’ accounts, the reality is that many don’t really make use of complex passwords or they possibly repeat the same password across services. Two-factor authentication – which is like making use of a USB stick with a secret token or even inputing a code sent via means of text method to your phone – can additionally improve security, but then a lot of users eventually find this to be almost an irritating inconvenience as it brings about a more thorough step to the login process.

This innovative password-free login option, however involves speeding up logins by means of introducing a new means of signing in altogether.

The only thing to be required of you is to enter your email address should you be signing into your Google account. After this, a notification will then appear on your phone trying to verify if you’re trying to sign in from another device. Move on to Approve the login by tapping “yes,” and then congrats, you are right in.

There is that strong point of advantage for those who always have their phone close to them while making use of Google services on other devices, which could be their computer, and even those who are well armed with long and sophisticated passwords that are pretty difficult to type.

There is the other advantage that it could help improve protection against phishing – one troublesome situation that Google tackles today via means of its Password Alert tool, too.

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