Google Awoof: Android apps will soon offer cheaper promotional subscription prices for a start

In course of its Playtime occasion which Google had organized for its Android developers, Google revealed that in no distant time, apps on the Play Store will bring on a fresh option which will introduce lovely temporary promotional pricing.

“Coming soon, you’ll be able to create an introductory price for new subscribers for a set period of time,” Google’s Larissa Fontaine had revealed via a blog post. “For example, you can offer a subscription for $1 per month for the first three months before the normal subscription price kicks in.”

Well if you fully understand the implication of this, you will see that this has its special flavor in many app categories. Let us see an example here; in the instance of video and music; we may have something like an introductory pricing (which will be much cheaper) really enhancing of our adoption of Google’s indigenous ailing YouTube Red service since we can enjoy cheaper fees for a start. Another example is with cheaper introductory pricing, services like Spotify will have an edge over Apple Music as well as other competitors.

What Google is aiming at is that with cheaper start subscription, users are more cajoled to try the service, so when they get to love it, they may more readily pay the normal rates when the introductory phase expires.

The doubt is only for us naija guys, you know we don’t like an awoof program ending. Especially for those that wouldn’t mind using a single airtel’s N25 for 500mb for 24hours. Google sincerely hopes that users will not abandon such services when the promotional period end.

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