Google Acquires Jetpac to Enhance Visual Searches

Google has practically admitted that the IT sector is a fierce battlefield and is regularly updating its intellectual armoury- getting all the “brain-ammunitions” it needs to keep their countenance still appealing to the user community. Not relenting in its efforts to improve its versatility, it has added more technocrat-cooks to its kitchens so as to toast delicious services the world’s stretched relish.


Google has recruited the services of the brains behind the Jetpac success. The Jetpac app which made its debut far back in 2012, uses public Instagram data to estimate public ratings like the happiest or drunkest city- having adjusted their attention to Instagram-driven data on its iphone app, “Jetpac City Guides.”

Expectations are pointing that Google would employ the just acquired Jetpac team to make sweeter search around location information through photo data. Google already reported that it could now use computer vision and machine learning to enable a user search his personal photos for preferences like sunsets, food and flowers. Jetpac’s CTO, Pete Warden is a computer vision expert and a round peg for the round Google hole!

Jetpac’s system searches for visual cues such as the number of pictures with moustaches in them to ascertain the trending fashion style or how many hipsters are in a distinct environment. This proffers very distinguished contextual information about an area from which the photo was shot. It informs a user if coffee shops reviews conform with the service reality or help you locate bars women in their 30’s love, for instance. This extends a helping distance beyond just a Yelp or Google Maps review to visual information what events are plying in a given location.

Jetpac has also been positively appraised with real-time local object recognition on video supplied from a phone’s camera. This technology has a possibility of enhancing Google Goggles.

Jetpac will subsequently bring down the app from the App Store in days just some moons away; terminating support on September 15. The details of this acquisition and amount are still behind the curtains.


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