Gmail for Android now permits swipe actions customization

According to the report that we received from one of our sources, Google has for some time now been providing some updates for Gmail that have been long overdue since a few weeks past. One of these updates just came in on Android. It is the ability to customize what happens when an Android user swipes an email either to the left or right.

Before this time, when one swipes an email in the inbox, the email would be archived, no matter the direction it is swiped to. Although for a time, this was pretty helpful and was working for most users as swipe gestures could aid in clearing the inbox as long as their actions are compatible to the way the individual operates. For so many years now, swipes have been a fixture of mobile email apps and a lot of them provide users with the ability to customize what they do and that is why this update is for the most part considered as being long overdue coming from Google.

In actual fact, the swipe gestures offered by Gmail are not the most customizable swipe gestures out there, be that as it may, it has a lot of options that a user can choose from to make it useful. In Settings, any Android user who makes use of Gmail now has the ability to assign the left and right swipe to any one of the following: archive, delete, mark as read or unread, move, or snooze an email. Snooze, for those who don’t know of it is a new update to Gmail that came up recently which also in the real sense has been long overdue to be released by the time it was. After assigning a task to any of the swipe gestures, if there is any reason that one may want to change the option, all they have to do is;

  • Head to Settings,
  • Under Settings, tap general Settings.
  • Finally, select “swipe actions.”

The hack here is that this customization is not yet available on iOS. However, as Google has been recently releasing new Gmail features, there is no doubt that it is on the way.

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