How to Gift and Share Glo Data Plans

Yesterday, I shared the complete list of Glo Data Plans with their activation codes, prices and validity period. Today, I want to explain how you can share and as well gift Glo data plans to any Glo subscribers.


For instance, let say you purchased Glo 8gb data plans, and you feel you won’t finish using it before its validity, you can just share it with your loved ones by following the processes outlined below.

How to Share Glo Data Plans Via USSD and SMS

To ADD people to share dial *127*01*<friend’s number>#


Send  “Share <friend’s number>” to 127
To REMOVE people from sharing, dial  *127*01*<friend’s number>#


Send “Remove <friend’s number>” to 127
To LIST PEOPLE sharing your subscription, dial  *127*00#


Send “List” to 127

How to Gift Glo Data Plans Via USSD and SMS

For those who don’t know how gifting data plans works, this is when the person buying the gift  (or ‘gifter’) doesn’t want to share his subscription with the intended recipient (giftee). The gift recipient will be notified via customized SMS from the sender (and the network).

To GIFT a subscription: Dial *127*<USSD_Plan_Number>*<friend’s number>#


Send  “Gift <plan name> <friend’s number>” to 127

Source: GloWorld

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