List of Glo Data Plans Codes & Prices for PC, Phone, Router …

Below are the the complete lists of Glo data plans for laptops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and router. Including their activation codes, prices and validity period.

glo data plans

You can also check How to Share and Gift Glo Data Plans before you proceed.

Glo Data Plans for Laptops & Netbooks

Plan NameService RentalData CapValidity periodCodeSMS to 127Time of use
Always MAXN8,0008GB30 days*127*1#’12′All day
Always MINN5,0004GB30 days*127*2#’11′All day
Always DayN500195MB24 hours*127*3#’10′All day
G 300N15,00012GB300 hours/3months*127*4#’21′All day
G 100N6,0004GB100 hours/1month*127*5#’20′All Day
G workN6,0004GB30 days*127*6#’31′8am – 9 pm
G leisureN50004GB30 days*127*7#’30′8pm to 9am everyday + all day during weekend

Glo Data Plans for Mobile Phones & Tablets

Plan NameService RentalData CapValidity PeriodCodeSMS to 127Target Device
Instant SurfN10020MB24 hours*127*51#‘51’Handset
SmallieN20050MB3 days*127*56#‘56’Handset
One WeekN40065MB7 days*127*52#‘52’Handset
Big WeekN500150MB7 days*127*57#‘57’Handset
Always MicroN1,000350MB30 days*127*53#‘53’Handset
My PhoneN2,000800MB30 days*127*55#‘55’Handset
Always MacroN3,0001.5 GB30 days*127*54#‘54’Handset/Tablet

Glo Data Plans for Router

Plan NameServive Rental (N)Data CapValidity PeriodSMSUSSD
Silver10,00011GB30 days15*127*11#
Gold15,00017GB30 days16*127*12#
Platinum18,00021GB30 days17*127*13#

Note: Customers can text ‘ menu ‘ to 127 to get more details about the above plans. Please note that all subscribers can now do a multiple recharge. More than one subscription can be loaded on an account, with the data quota and the plan validity added. Any subscriber can load a max of 6 subscriptions at a point in time

Source: GloWorld

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