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Get paid to surf websites became popular in the late 90s, which was the height of dot com boom. Everybody as well as businesses wanted to be on the internet and be seen by this new wave of potential customers. Paid to surf was a cheap and easy way for advertisers to get their message in front of thousands of potential customers while creating a new business model for entrepreneurs to make money by running a paid to surf website. At the same time, the promise of easy money and getting paid to surf the internet attracted thousands of internet users who were looking for easy ways to make money online.


Get paid to surf is different from paid to click programs, in paid to click programs you get paid for clicking on ads, but on get paid to surf you get paid to visit page for a few seconds. Some paid to surf sites also incorporated paid to click in their program as well, so you will get paid for surfing and clicking on ads. In short, get paid to surf is an easy way to make money online.

Paid to surf business model almost died in 2001 when the dot-com bubble collapsed. And since all of the revenue came from internet advertising, most paid to surf companies disappeared. But in the recent years, with the new wave of internet users and the growing popularity of internet amongst all kinds of people, paid to surf sites are making a comeback.
One of the new get paid to surf websites is Surfbounty. Surfbounty is a fast growing rewards website, is not just a paid to surf website, you also get paid for doing collection of other things. Sufbounty is a reward website which paid you for signing up for various offers, taking online surveys and shop from their huge list of cash-back merchants. If you have been searching for ways to get paid for surfing the internet, surfbounty is a good and legit one.

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