Get Airtime Loan from MTN and Pay Back Later

You no longer need to panic when you are running out of airtime or have little airtime as an MTN subscriber again. You can now get an Airtime Loan and pay back later.


MTN recently launch a new product named MTN XtraTime. MTN XtraTime allows ‘eligible’ MTN customers request for airtime loan when they have run out of airtime and pay back later.

The loaned airtime can be used on any billable activity on the network regardless of whether it is voice, data or a Value Added Service. Wow! Interesting.

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Who is Eligible?

The service is available to prepaid customers that have between 0-12 Naira on their account balance, and meet an unspecified including tenure on the network, and recharge frequency.

Can’t Wait! How do I confirm My Eligibility Status?

Stay cool. Simply dial  *606# and use the displayed menu to check  your eligibility status, request for airtime loan, check balance or see your Xtratime transaction history.

This is not new though, Airtel already introduced this feature before MTN.

In conclusion, before you rush into MTN airtime loan debt, the service attracts a 10% charge, meaning you only get 90% of what you are requesting for and can only be used again after the initial credit is paid up. What you have used up shows as a negative value on your balance and is deducted the next time you top up. Isn’t that nice?

Searching for some old MTN sim cards now to try this… lolz… I’m very sure Nigerians will teach MTN lesson very soon. What’s your say?

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