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Recently, I shared a post titled Alternative To Paypal Account: For Merchants. This post explained how anyone that owns a website/blog and wishes to sell any products on it can sell it and accept payment from clients around the globe with PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, online checks, JCB, PayPal Pay Later, FXSource,and debit cards with VISA and MasterCard Logo through a payment processor known as 2Checkout.


2CheckOut accept merchant from all countries except merchants from countries like North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Myanmar (Burma). For Instance, we all know PayPal is the largest payment gateway to send and receive payment around the world, but the sad news is that PayPal does not work in some countries. Peradventure you have a client in a country where PayPal is not allowed, it will no longer be a problem for your client to pay your via other means or if you as a merchant lives in a country where PayPal is not allowed then 2CheckOut is a great means of accepting payment from clients.

Though there are many others payment gateway like 2Checkout, but the best of them all is still 2CheckOut because it works almost everywhere and their charges aren’t high like others. But if you want to use 2Checkout on your website as a merchant, you will be required to pay a onetime sign up fee of $49. To skip this fee, a coupon code is available for you to use. This 2CheckOut coupon code will save you $49 and it is for a limited time so it can expire at any time. It would be a nice decision if you use it now and if you’re planning to use 2CheckOut in the future, you can use it now to skip and save the onetime sign up fee in the future.

2CheckOut Coupon Code


You can enter this coupon code after registration or in the registration process. Good Luck!

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