Free Animated Flash Clocks for Blogs & Websites

Adding a clock to your blog or website makes it look beautiful and it is always good for personal website, blog, forum and etc. to have a clock since it is free. These free flash animated clocks have been tested on all browsers and it seems to be working well without any problem.

Here is a list of flash animated clock you can add to your website and blog to make it look cool and smart. Below is an explanation on how to add it to you blogger blog.

How to add the Animated Flash Clock to Your Blogger blog

1. Go to your blog Dashboard, click on Layout then click on Add a Gadget.

2. After click on Add a Gadget from where you will like the flash animated clock to be, then select HTML/JavaScript and add the code of the clock you wish to use from the list of clock below into the box.

3. Now click on Save.

Flash Animated Clocks For Blog and Websites

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