8 Top Free Android Apps Every Blogger Must Have

Blog is the commonly used platform to express and share what we know on the internet. So as a blogger, staying connected and updated regarding the latest trends in your own niche and the blogosphere at large is very important. With the advent of various technologies such as high-end devices powered by Android, blogging has been made easier, unlike in the old time when a blogger can only make use of its PC, and began to worry about the blog stats and so many other things, during holidays, vacations or travels.

Top Apps for Android

Android OS is now being used by vast majority of smartphone and tablet devices, with millions of applications available in Google Play Store. Apart from the fact that bloggers can now blog on-the-go when they are away from their computer (i.e. using their Android phones or tablets), so many other blogging related tasks can also be accomplished.

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Today, I’m going to share the top 8 useful free Android applications to help bloggers maintain their blogs on the go, using their mobile devices, and getting things done on the go. These Android apps cost you nothing, feel free to try them on your device.

1. WordPress App for Android

WordPress App for Android

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. WordPress for Android is an awesome app is compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs and blogs hosted on WordPress.com. This app allows you to write new posts, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications, adding photos and videos and managing your blog straight from your Android devices.

Download WordPress for Android on Google Play

2. Blogger App for Android

Blogger App for Android

After WordPress, Blogger is the second most used blogging platform. Bloggers running their blog(s) on Blogger blogging platform, this app is for you. With this app, you can enjoy blogging on the go. Although this app is still limited as compared to the WordPress app, but it is a good app to blog from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Download Blogger App for Android on Google Play

3. Tumblr App for Android

Tumblr App for Android

Tumblr is known as a microblog, some bloggers still enjoy the blogging platform because it can be easily use to post short posts such as: quotes, photos and videos. Tumblr App for Android has some awesome features imbedded into it, such as: posting of contents, scheduling of posts, viewing and replying to messages. This app can also be used to manage multiple Tumblr blogs.

Download Tumblr App for Androidon Google Play

4. HootSuite App for Android

HootSuite App for Android

HootSuite app for Android is a social media app. Bloggers can use it to send updates to Twitter and Facebook. It is an awesome app, which you can use to easily manage campaigns, schedule updates, and even view click-through stats for your social networks. This app can be use to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare on the go with your Android smartphone or tablet.

Download HootSuite App for Android on Google Play

5. Photo Editor App for Android

Photo Editing App for Android

As a blogger, you can have photos or snap photos on the go, and wish to upload or attach them to your blog posts. These photos might need some minor editing such as: crop, edit, resize, write texts, add drawings and other necessary touch-up, so a Photo Editor will be needed on your Android smartphone or tablet to get it done.

[Get] Top 5 photo Editors for Android.

6. Writer App for Android

Writer App for Android

To be candid, blogging on smartphone or tablet is not as easy as doing it on PC. Distractions such as: apps and incoming notifications kill productivity. To get rid of distractions, and increase productivity level, an Android app known as ‘Writer’ is the solution to that. Writer is a word processor; it provides distraction-free environs to focus on creating text contents. Whenever you feel you’re in writing mood, open this app and it allows you to focus on writing within your smartphone or tablet.

Download Writer App for Android on Google Play

7. Dictionary.com App for Android

Dictionary.com App for Android

Blogging on-the-go, and not very sure of the exact meaning of a word or looking for an alternative word to use, a dictionary will help. Dictionary.com is a nice app for bloggers to have on their Android as it help when blogging on the go. The ad-free version of this app cost $2.99.

Download Dictionary.com App for Android on Google Play

8. gAnalytics App for Android

gAnalytics App for Android

gAnalytics is like the mobile version of Google Analytics, it helps bloggers who love to crunch over the numbers, to have their site usage activities on the go. You can easily know the amount of traffic your blog receive, site metrics like bounce rates and lots of other things, right on your android smartphone or tablet.

Download gAnalytics App for Android on Google Play

In conclusion, if you believe there is any other useful app I missed from the list, that you’d like to share with us, or you want to share your experience with the apps listed above, don’t hesitate to use the comments box below.

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