Ford’s improving SYNC infotainment system has depth because of Alexa and Waze.

At the start of the New Year, Ford motor company announced that it would be adding Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Waze to its SYNC in-car infotainment system for users of iPhone. This week a few people have been able to see how they work.

The company has recently been showing off its Ford EcoSport, this is a small and relatively cheap SUV which was originally launched in China but has since been able to get to Europe and is recently hit the market of the United States. These SUVs are well fortified with the latest versions of the SYNC 3 and Ford is anticipating making some big bucks out of the growing market for trucks, crossovers, and SUVs

Google Waze on the other hand was available on Android Auto last summer and since it’s been incorporated with Ford, there may be a way to use it with iPhones. Although, Apple may not want users to use anything other than Apple Maps when using CarPlay.

The Waze app runs like the CarPlay and the Android Auto on the car’s head unit, the difference is that it also runs on your phone at the same time. Inopportunely, it is still in beta form at hthe moment that means that it is still slow at the moment. Some of its menus don’t fit the screen properly and closing the app devises trouble.

Alexa has been in existent in Ford vehicles before now but in a restricted capacity. But now, the recent update created access to everything the voice assistant is capable of on Amazon’s dedicated devices. This therefore means that one can now take from any one of the many skills that third party companies and developers have invented to work with Alexa from the inside of every Ford car that has SYNC 3 instead of the few ones that have been available.

The number of those extra skills that are useful in a car may be few. But at the very least you can ask Alexa to aid you in navigating to a designated location. Ford has built in some other actions specific to making a car experience enjoyable like using Alexa on your phone to remote start, unlock, or lock the car.

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