Top 5 Free Football Apps Downloaded in Nigeria

Football, a sport embraced and cherished worldwide, is quite popular in Nigeria. Most soccer lovers in Nigeria no longer have to pay extra charges for cable television or go to viewing centers to watch matches as the smartphone or tablet can now stand in as the perfect companion to their passion, either for checking scores, tweaking their fantasy team or pitting wits against virtual opponents in games.


Despite the numerous free football apps available, Nigerians tend to favor a select few. Jovago, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal reveals the selection of football apps that are frequently downloaded in Nigeria

There are dozens of apps promising live scores, but is one of the top dogs in Nigeria. It is the knowledgeable football choice for keeping up to date with the key leagues and teams in Nigeria as well as latest Nigerian and international football news. Also, it provides live scores, fixtures, results and group standings in the World Cup and UEFA Champions League within seconds, including transfer rumors, team news, live scores and match commentaries. Whether you want to beef up your punditry skills or get an extra edge in your fantasy football career, this is an original app to use.

Live score

An app on the mobile phones of almost all football fans, Live score is one of the the best pocket-sized football game available. It gives users a chance to monitor all the matches played all over the world including Nigeria in one place. Just like the website, the app gives you the score line and even give you updates and statistics – Goal assist, goal scorers ,Yellow and red card receivers etc.- based on an ongoing match.


A global site for a global games, the ESPN FC app features worldwide football coverage 24-hours of every week. Nigerian football lovers who follow leagues around the globe have access to comprehensive coverage of all the major club leagues with videos, highlights, news, opinions and personalized reports so you can stay in touch with your favorite teams. It also features a video highlights for Barclay’s Premier League matches; unfortunately this is available in the America only.

BFC Soccer

BFC is one of the most popular ways Nigerian football fans get their news, scores and statistics. group messaging features, it is well thought out and neatly designed. The app gives the latest football tips including news from the Nigeria Premier League, the National League, Women’s League and live scores of local football matches. Its level of detail from global to local leagues is impressive.

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