5 Blogs Every Foodie in Nigeria Should Follow

Food! Who on earth does not love food? Nigerians certainly do, not necessarily because the nation is a citadel for grubs but for the reason that the human race essentially needs food to survive.

As a multicultural people, Nigeria has a large vault of cuisines from different tribes and ethnic groups and there are some people who now make a living from their love of cooking. They not only make a party of experimenting with food but they also learn, talk about and prepare them, some even go a step further to revamp some of the recipes and blog about it all for the benefit of others.

If you are a food lover and are looking to acquire some local culinary skills, Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal has made a selection of the best Nigerian food blogs to a keep tab on.

Dobby’s Signature

Dobby’s Signature is an online journal devoted to exhibiting the best Nigerian dishesacross the web. Offering a large collection of how-to photos and videos covering both basic recipes and advanced cooking techniques with infusions from other parts of the world, the blog is one of the best resources for cooking tips. The blog’s lifestyle section known as ‘Street foodie’ follows the host as she explores meals outside the her kitchen at events, restaurants and streets.



The truth remains that you cannot cook any kind of indigenous Nigerian food until you learn the basics, and 9jafoodie is a great place to turn when something stumps you in the kitchen. Founded by Ronke Edoho, the blog includes entries for foods, procedures, and recipes which are rooted in tradition but often presented with a modern flair. The entries include videos which simplify complicated traditional recipes and tips on health and dieting.


Tatashey which aims at “showcasing west African recipes in an appealing way for the purpose of globalization” offers a lot of information on Nigerian meal and drinks. Aside from recipes and step-by-step procedures on how to make certain indigenous dishes, the blog offers captivating and entertaining feature stories, including “the Secret life of a foodie” series which is bound to crack up any true food lover. The mouthwatering photography and videos are key to what really makes Tatashey special.



Afrolems is more than the average food blog. Featuring kitchen tips, cooking know-hows and interesting recipes from all over the African continent, the blog is styled to appeal to a large audience within Nigeria and Canada. It has a business directory where caterers are allowed to list their business and a column where customers in Toronto can order native food packages at different prices starting from $25.

Dooney’s Kitchen

A  brilliant blog that is well executed by Dunni Obata, a die-hard food enthusiast, who shares her personal cooking stories and recipes while also fostering a community for food lovers and avid cooks, Dooney’s Kitchen is the perfect blog for today’s Nigerian woman. The ‘experience’ column on the webpage offers cooking classes, food consultation and food pick up and drop off.

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