How to Fix Any Computer | Windows, Mac, Linux

Almost all household have computers, people often use the machine for different purposes. I have friends that only use it to play games, some use it as their companion at school to solve assignments, and so on. People own computers for so many reasons, which are known to them.

Windows, Linux, Mac

Today, when I was thinking of writing a post, a thought ran through me to share three funny infographics I found on oatmeal recently. Despite the fact that these infographics are funny, they are as well educative.

These infographics are just about the ways to fix any computer, with different operating systems. Majority of computers we see happen to be using one type of operating system performing the same functions, and it is branched into several different types, such as: Mac, Linux and Windows.

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Hope Linux, Apple and Windows fans will love the funny infographics below, as it tends to possess funny solutions to fix their computers.

How to Fix Computers Running MAC OS [Apple]

Fix Mac Computers

How to Fix Computers Running Windows OS

Fix Windows Computers

How to Fix Computers Running Linux OS

Fix Linux Computers

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