Re-Enable Missing Hibernate Option in Windows Vista

For users still using the Windows Vista OS on their computer, at times, you might noticed that your computer hibernate option is missing, after using the disk cleanup wizard which tends to remove the hibernate files. At times, missing/hidden hibernation option in Windows Vista might not be caused by the disk cleanup wizard; it might happen as a result of some changes made unknowingly and some other factors.

Windows Vista

No matter what has caused hibernate mode to be missing from your from your Windows Vista based computer, turning it back on is simple. This fix will be done via some command line, but I will guide you through the entire process.

Before you proceed, read:

How to Reinstate Missing Hibernate Option on Windows Vista

  • Click Start >> All Programs.
  • Click on the “Accessories”.
  • Right – Click on the “Command Prompt”.
  • Select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Run any of the following command:
  • “powercfg /hibernate on” or “powercfg -h on” (without “”)

    Command to Show Hibernate Option in Windows Vista

  • Restart your computer and under shut down options, “Hibernate” will “magically” appear.


Now that your computer hibernate option has re-appear, don’t forget to ‘uncheck’ the option to clear hibernate files next time you want to run Disk Cleanup. Otherwise, your computer hibernate feature will disappear again.

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