Five Helpful Robots You Can Own

Robots cannot replace human, yes knows that. However, what robots can do for humans is to complete chores at record time with more precision and conciseness. Robots are fitted with sensors that helps it function properly. Here are five robots that can perform at surprising pace while you just relax, sleep or play an Xbox game. It is a spectacle you will definitely appreciate.


Budgee is a level-headed, fashionable and helpful robot. It performs both indoor and outdoor services and it is also friendly as he greets you warmly. It can help travellers carry their luggage that weight as much as 50 pounds, it can be shopping assistant, and it can also assist elderly people. All these functions depend on how the owner programmes Budgee. The robot can work for 10 hours on rechargeable battery.





The iROBOT Roomba is a widely used home robots. It is a vacuum that automatically picks dirt and other home refuse no matter where it is hidden. It is also important that you monitor this device because it can ask for help anytime. It is a very effective device.



Scrubbing your floors on weekends is very energy-sapping. It could probably take the whole day! The Mint Plus Robot, developed by Evolution Robotics can help out. Its main function is to maintain clean and sparkling floors whether it is hardwood or tiles floor. Mint Plus cleans and mops them all. The device can mop 350 square feet in size and can sweep 2,000 square metres at an amazing speed.



It is the first world household robot designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2005. This Robot is an interesting one to have at home at because it can surf the web, read the news to the hearing of the owner, and make emergency calls to the hospital or Police stations. In addition to this, it can recognize the owner’s voice, and face.



Want a lush green garden that would be admired by all? Well, the Droplet would is your sure bet. It takes away the stress of manually watering your garden. The Droplet Robot is awesome because it prevents water wastage as it waters the plants directly. The owner would have to programme the robot and connect it to a standard garden hose and powered.


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