Facebook will soon allow anyone post Instant Articles

The slow and steady introduction of Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Articles format is priming to pick up more pace. The company said released announcements today that starting from the 12th of next month, all publishers will be add the capacity to create articles via the service of the format. This development which comes at the same period with the soon-to-convene F8 developer conference, has the high probability of adding pressure on publishers to proffer their stories in the format or run the negative risk of losing an advantage over their peers.

Facebook will soon allow anyone post Instant Articles

Facebook will soon allow anyone post Instant Articles

The formats works in such a way that it loads articles inside the Facebook app at a faster rate as compared to traditional links via means of stripping out a good chunk of the code and then pre-fetching stories when you get within reach of them in the News Feed. Publishers earn a fortune in the course of by selling ads inside the stories, which they could personally manage or relegate such commercializing duties to Facebook (this traded for a 30 percent fraction of the revenue.)

When Facebook initiated the format last year, it spontaneously incited an arms race in a kind among other leading tech platforms, with Apple and Google taking a quick lead from Facebook with fast-loading formats of their own.

“Our goal is to make this work whether you’re BuzzFeed and the New York Times or you’re a local newspaper or a small blog,” explains Josh Roberts, who fills the position of product manager for Instant Articles. The first bulk of reaction to Instant Articles has been really encouraging, Roberts says, with users more prone to click as well as share articles that use the format. The implication of this is that they could show up quicker in users News Feeds, as such directing increased traffic to publishers’ sites.

“The bottom line is that if this doesn’t work for publishers, it doesn’t work — and we know that,” Roberts says. “We’re committed to being a good partner here.”

Independent blogs as well as newspapers are yet not really inclined to creating Instant Article feeds of their own. While Facebook is of the opinion that they have put in effort to rid the process of possible stressful complications, creating what functionally resembles a custom RSS feed with distinct HTML-like elements still needs a height of technical ability which many publishers still don’t boast.

A more rotund development would come in the the form of publishing platforms like WordPress, Tumblr or Medium supporting the automatic posting of Instant Articles to Facebook.

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