Facebook now testing AR ads in the News Feed

Soon, ads on Facebook will begin to feel as if they are a virtual fitting room. According to the reports that we got from our sources, the company made an announcement that it will start to incorporating augmented reality ads into the News Feed.

At the moment, these augmented reality ads are still in their experimental stages and for now, it is only users in the United States that will be able to see them. This new feature gives users the luxury to try on the products that are advertised through a process that is somewhat alike with Snapchat filter. In 2016, Facebook purchased an augmented reality face filter app called MSQRD and since that time, the company has been adding more filters directly on the Facebook and Messenger camera features. Facebook in an example showed off the new AR ad alongside a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses, however, it can be combined with several kinds of e-commerce goods. Users will have the ability to interact with digital of fashion accessories, cosmetics, and furniture before purchasing them via the app. There are a lot of big-name stores that are already available some of them which are Sephora, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn. These are among the few businesses that are prepared to start testing by this summer.

Our sources also report that Shopping, a feature for Instagram Stories, will soon be expanding beginning from the months that are leading up to the holidays. In June last month, Facebook commenced giving brands the opportunity to place stickers on an Instagram story and in that way, users were able to find the link to the advertised product and purchase them. At the time, only a few select brands were able to use the stickers, but now the program has started rolling out to the general public.

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