Facebook’s new program, launched to lure Twitch-style game streamers

Facebook has continuously been moving into game streaming and right now it manufactured a new program designed to attract notable creators to the social network. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, the company disclosed its “gaming creator pilot program” yesterday, which it says is a “concerted effort” to combine working hands with streamers thereby creating an avenue to tailor Facebook to better suit their needs. Included amidst the program’s goals are to aid streamers to build communities on Facebook, crafting new tools explicitly for live streaming games, and also utilizing other Facebook platforms like Instagram and Oculus. The company stated that it is “actively exploring ways for fans to back their favorite gaming creators via payments during select live streams on Facebook.com.”

Despite the fact that details are slight at the given moment, the pilot project sounds a lot like Twitch’s “partner program,” which provides added tools to the more popular streamers on the platform. These tools include things like being able to offer viewers monthly subscriptions, having subscriber-only chat, and offering custom chat emotes for viewers. Facebook says that it will start bringing “dozens” of creators into the program starting today, with plans to open it up even further in the future which although have not been specifically mentioned in regards to the time of the opening.

It is important to note however that this is not the first time that Facebook has prodded into Twitch’s turf by exploring the productive, profitable and fast-growing world of game streaming. In 2016 the company signed a deal so that all Blizzard games could be streamed through Facebook Live. On a more recent note, the company introduced live streaming to its mobile Instant Games platform, and Facebook has also been aggressively expanding into e-sports, which includes a new exclusive deal to broadcast Dota 2 and Counter Strike tournaments run by ESL One.

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