English stadiums will soon enjoy free wifi

England’s Football League has made the announcement that free wi-fi, for a selected collection of official apps, will soon be open to the reach of fans at League One and League Two stadiums as well as Championship.

English stadiums will soon enjoy free wifi

Fans will now enjoy the capacity to access club-branded apps, getting their fingers around social media content, news, as much as betting and highlights.

Yet it wouldn’t be possible to get similar wifi privileges for wider internet.

The Football League disclosed that “the majority” of clubs had made sign-ups to reach participation in the deal.

By June 30, we would be getting a complete list of confirmed clubs whose participation in yen deal is guaranteed.

To implement this program is British wi-fi provider Intechnology.

Via means of an online article, the Football League explained that the service would do well to “deliver the complete digital match day experience to supporters”.

Of course this would be very welcomed by majority of fans who had been submerged in frustration as regards the overloaded mobile networks which is particular to half-time, going by Intechnology chief executive Peter Wilkinson.
Having to use 3G or 4G services could also be expensive, he added.

Trading back into our history books, wi-fi at sports events does not really catch the flair of all fans. Back in 2014, fans at PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands ran a protest condemning club authorities for bringing in wi-fi at their club’s stadium, voicing their general opinion that spectators should rather focus on what is transpiring on the pitch, and not really their smartphones.

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