Do you know 60% of Apple’s mobile devices are now running iOS 10

The Apple journey has really been an Israelite journey, a long one. And Apple is not going bad at all, already lavishing in a close simulation of its promised land. The iPhones series have been globally welcomed. We have heard of people parting with kidneys to get Apple products, Steve Jobs would still manage a smile wherever he is.

Such has been the journey of Apple’s operating system. It is an unending metamorphosis all the way from iOS 7 racking to the iOS 10 is a just a perk of the journey so far. Apple has unrelentingly pushed out the iOS 10 as I particularly hope for an iOS where Siri can help me in my kitchen cook my meals.

The iOS 10 has been a measurable success so far. And from what Apple has published so far, the official statistics show that the iOS 10 now run on 60% of Apple’s mobile devices. This is a rise of 6% if staked against the previous figures officially published.

And looking extensively at the other versions, at present iOS 9 stands at 32%, this is a decline from its previous share of 38%. And then the earlier iOS versions account for an 8% share, there has been no changes in this. So you can now see that whatever gains, the iOS 10 has recorded, it comes at the expense of the iOS 9.

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