Sonos, now offering discounted speaker sets

New speaker sets have been announced by Sonos. If you intend to deck your entire building with these speakers, the company will provide a discount. Although Sonos has before this time been offering discounts, the discounts they offered were for the most part restricted to its Play:1 and Sonos One speakers. The new sets on the other hand comprise of the entire product line.

There are 13 sets altogether and they have different combinations of the Sonos One, Play:5, Playbase, Playbar, and Pro-Ject Essential III Phono turntable. The cost for each set begins from $379 and the savings that can be derived from any one set compass between $20 and $100. Offering a deal on smart speakers is quite a sensible move for the company but for the consumer it will only be a good deal if they are looking at a Sonos Playbar, but it will be wise if impending consumers take some time before they get one.

Not too long ago, Sonos sent out invitations to press for an occasion it will be having on the 6th of June this year. The invite showed a coffee table, multiple remotes as well as a tagline that read: “You’re better than this.” If we combine this invitation extended to press with a filing the company recently made to the FCC for a new home theater smart speaker, we could be looking at an attempt by Sonos to produce a backup speaker for the Sonos Playbar, or a new device in general. Thus, it will be as advised earlier, a smart step to take a bit of time before buying a new set of speaker.

The following are the speaker sets Sonos is offering at present:

Speaker sets: (2) Sonos One – $379, (3) Sonos One – $549, (4) Sonos One – $729, (2) Play:5 – $899, Playbar + (2) Sonos One – $999, Playbase + (2) Sonos One – $999.

Home Theater Sets: Playbar + Sub – $1,299, Playbase + Sub – $1,299, Playbar + Sub + (2) Sonos One – $1,649, Playbase + Sub + (2) Sonos One – $1,649

Vinyl Sets: Play:5 + Turntable – $799, (2) Play:5 + Turntable – $1,249, (2) Play:5 + Sub + Turntable – $1,899

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