Dell made a gold version of the best Windows laptop

Dell only made tweak adjustments to its XPS 13 formula of late, but it has the preparedness to go an improved step further. Just in similarity to the Apple, LG, and many others, the XPS 13 is gearing to get a gold version.

A gold Dell

A gold Dell

I am not really much attracted to gold, but then the full aluminum finish brings in a shade of gold which has this look that is not too extravagantly bright realistically.

Dell has not pushed this gold finish further to anything except the aluminum, so the trackpad and the keyboard are still rounded by the soft-touch finish in the absence of any gold trim. This could be a missed chance for many, but then it keeps the gold look not really tacky but at least subtle. Every other thing inside doesn’t really change.

A nice prospect

A nice prospect

While this happens to be a new color option, Dell is still keeping it for the high-end version of XPS 13. It has this price at $1699 for an Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM, a QHD+ display and then 256GB of storage. Dell is steaming plans to make release of the gold edition on February 2nd in the US.


Apart from the color option, there is more encouraging news for the XPS 13. A new Intel Iris graphics option will be coming for the Core i7 model in February. Dell has the assertions that this will improve graphics performance by say a percentage of 40. An interesting prospect will be the manner the battery life will be affected.

Dell will launch a new XPS 15 configuration on February 2nd for those who don’t joke with memory requirements. Included in the new configuration is an Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB of storage, Nvidia graphics, 32GB of RAM, and the UHD display. I will say the ultimate XPS 15 config so far, as Dell has strong intentions to launch it for $2,699.

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