Court overturns Apple’s $120M patent win against Samsung

Samsung enjoyed a principal turn around victory in its waging legal war with Apple concerning patent infringement litigation, as a U.S. appeals court had annulled a $120 million decision earlier taken to the disfavor of the South Korean electronics maker.

Court overturns Apple's $120M patent win against Samsung

Court overturns Apple’s $120M patent win against Samsung

If you remember quite well, in the original jury decision which was delivered back in May of 2014, the two giant Samsung and Apple arrived a conclusive allegation to have overstepped their supposedly legal boundaries thus infringing on each others’ patents. Yet Samsung still suffered the order to make payments in the weight of $119.6 million in damages to Apple owing to violation of three patents.

Fast-forward to today, this fine was revoked by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday, according to Reuters. The court with base in Washington D.C came to a rational reality that Samsung did not infringe on an Apple patent as it concerns data detectors, also declaring as invalid a pair of Apple patents which are connected to “slide to unlock” as well as autocorrect.

Apple and Samsung had presented thick arguments in January before the appeals court, with a major fraction of the discussion bothering on Apple’s data detectors patent. From the financial side of it, this invention is responsible for an chunk exceeding $98 million of the now-defunct damages that had been previously awarded in Apple’s favour.

Guess this would be a major relief to the Samsung’s purse as it wouldn’t be shedding the supposed weight.

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