3 Easy Ways to Charge Your Phone in an Emergency

With the rapid growth in the usage of smartphones, it has become a tool from which we all became addicted to. In most cases, important data are stored on smartphones for easy use and recovery. It’s a fact that all smartphones functions rely on battery. But what if you needed important information from your smartphone, and you couldn’t access it due to flat battery, and no power outlet or computer is available?

When a phone battery is flat, the phone is of no use, it will just be like a train without an engine. Apart from culling information from your smartphone, you might also need it make an emergency call for help, or use your phone as a compass when you’re stuck on the road, or use it’s flashlight to see in the dark and many other things. However, there are few ways to charge your smartphone in an emergency when no power outlet is available.

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1. Car Charger

Car Charger

Car chargers are cheap, and it available for all kinds of devices and vehicles. You can easily charge your smartphone with the car charger whenever your phone battery is flat and you needed to use it.

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2. Solar Charger

Solar Charger

Unlike the first option that you need to use a car, what if a car isn’t available? A solar charger will solve the problem. All you need to charge your phone is access to sun. A moderately overcast day will produce enough energy to charge your phone.

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3. Backup Battery

Backup Battery

A backup battery designed to charge smartphones is a battery with ports for connecting phones or other USB devices. This back up battery can be easily carried about. Most of them come in pocket-size. Using a backup battery is just a temporary solution; however, it will still provide help in an emergency.

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In conclusion, although all the three means listed to charge phone in an emergency are reliable, but there’s no single choice that is best in every scenario.

If you know of any other means of charging a phone during an emergency, don’t hesitate to share it via the comment box below.

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