How to Watermark Images Online – Protect Your Work

Are you a blogger or webmaster and you noticed your images are being stolen without any credit back to you as the source? One of the best ways to deter others from stealing your images is by applying a watermark on it, which could be represented by text, logo and copyright notice. Moreover, if they still copy your image despite adding a watermark, then they are making your works known, as it will generate more traffic for your blog or website.

Add Watermarks to Image

Meaning of Adding Watermark to Image?

For those who don’t know what watermark really means, it is the process of embedding visual watermarks in photos. It is a great means to brand your work i.e. making others know it is your work.

As a matter of fact, watermarking is not meant for bloggers or webmasters alone. People who host their photos or art works on sharing sites or social networks too can also take the advantage of watermarking, as your work may be stolen from website where you upload them. To avoid others from stealing your photos and claiming it to be their own, it is necessary you watermark them.

Before you proceed, check:

Almost all photo editing programs can be use for watermarking. Personally, I use PhotoScape and Photoshop. But I noticed whenever I’m contacted for means to watermark images, and I recommend either PhotoScape or Photoshop, I will still be contacted back that the programs are difficult to watermark. So instead of using photo editing programs that most regard as complicated means to watermark, I have sourced for two best websites where image watermarking process can be easily done without any ado.

The two tested and recommended websites to make watermark on your images are and They both possess friendly and easy to use interface.

Do you know of any website where images can be easily watermarked? If yes, share it with others via the comment box below.

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