5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Affiliate Advertising Income

Affiliate advertising is a very good and effective way to earn money from your blog. The first thing to consider is, choosing the right affiliate advertising program(s) among many, by checking reviews and comments from their users. And next, you need to publish ads and content that will drive purchases. Once you are done with those two things, money should start coming in.


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Here are some tips to help you boost the leads and sales that will drive more earnings for you.

1.  Publish Ads

The easiest and most efficient way to try to make money from affiliate advertising is to place ads that include your affiliate code on your blog. Once you establish relationships with affiliate advertisers like Amazon Associates, Konga, Kaymu or an affiliate advertising network like Clickbank, Commission Junction or E-junkie, you can publish different types of ads on your blog. e,g. banner ads, text ads, and video ads. You may also indicate that they are affiliate ads.

You can insert ads into your blog header, footer, sidebar, between posts, or even at the beginning, middle or end of a post! Test certain positions and products being advertised to determine what your blog audience responds to best so as to increase your earnings by publishing only the best performing ads.

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2.  Write Blog Posts

You can include text links to products and services with your affiliate code within your blog posts (be sure to indicate them as affiliate links). For example, if you’re writing a post about the best hosting network and mention the type of hosting package that you use or better still the best Windows 8 Computer, you could include a link to it (with your affiliate code) on Hostgator or Konga respectively where your audience can purchase it.

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Affiliate links within your blog posts should fit naturally or they can damage the user experience. Never try to insert or publish an affiliate link where it doesn’t fit organically.

3. Publish Reviews

If you have used products and services offered by an advertiser which you are an affiliate to, like how Konga Do me Good with Yakata! Got New Laptop for N5,700, you can also publish reviews of those products and services on your blog and include your affiliate links within the reviews (be sure to disclose them as affiliate links).

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It’s important that your reviews are genuine and honest. You must not just publish positive reviews in the hopes that your audience will make a purchase using your affiliate link and you’ll make some money. Your audience will catch on, and they will lose trust in you and your blog’s content, which could affect your reputation, traffic, and earnings negatively.

4. Create Affiliate Pages

Many bloggers create pages of “Recommended Products and Services” where they include a variety of affiliate links and ads. For example, a blogger who writes about WordPress might create a “Recommended” page or a page titled “WordPress Products That I Use” where he or she lists different WordPress plugins, themes, and web host links and ads. These links and ads include his or her affiliate code, so if you create a similar page, be sure to disclose that these are affiliate links and ads!

5. Promote Your Contents

Once you publish a blog post, review, or affiliate page on your blog, don’t forget to promote it through your email marketing and your social media profiles. Here are Sure Free ways To Generate Traffic For Your Affiliate Products, also Publish a link to your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest, so that it will give more people the chance/opportunity to look at it. The more people who see your content, the more people will click on your affiliate links and make a purchase.

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