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Have you ever noticed successful people? Hmm, what do they have in common? The way they think. Now if you want to be among the caliber of successful people, then you have to change your thinking and think as they do.


Today, I have compiled some list of books that have had great impact on my mindset. These books are classical in terms of the uniqueness of their messages and their timelessness. These books have affected lives of many people before me and by the nature of their universal applicability and ageless wisdom, they will continue to empower and motivate millions. I strongly hope and believe you will among the people that will be empowered by them and that these self motivations tips will challenge you to reach greater heights in your life.
But before I proceed in listing these books, let me give you the best motivation tips that I can offer you:

1. Invest in yourself by buy a book – So buy a book today because it could change your life.

2. Get a summary of the book or make a summary for yourself so that you can remember and easily apply what you’ve learnt.

3. The most important of all is to apply what you’ve learn because doing makes all the difference, not mere reading.

Books that has Change Other People’s Lives – It could Change Yours

1. The Bible – By God

The Bible is the word from God and it contains everything you need to succeed in life and it gives answer to the questions we don’t have answers to. Financial prosperity, health, a happy marriage, how to raise your children, how to deal with other people, how to deal with taxes, how to treat your employees or your boss, a “101” tips and techniques for anything you could ever face in life, 365 Fear not to conquer daily crises and many other things. You can download an electronic version and order a free CD with different versions here.

2. The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) – by Seth Godin.

This fun little book will help you figure out if you’re in a Dip that’s worthy of your time, effort, and talents. If you are, The Dip will inspire you to hang tough. If not, it will help you find the courage to quit-so you can be number one at something else.

Godin will always make you think – probably more than any modern business author. His books always inspire “I’ve never thought about that before”. However, a lot Godin’s stuff is not all that actionable – more theory and concepts than changing behavior. The exception is “The Dip”. Like many of the books on this list, it was a quick read.
get: The Dip Book

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3. Rich Dad Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki

The advice and insights in this book are so easy to grasp and appreciate that you will, like me when I first read it, probably want to give yourself a hard kick in the behind. I thought: “why has this never occurred to me? It makes so much sense and seems so obvious.” That’s just the truth of life – most things we need to succeed are right under our noses.
get: Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

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4. Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

Whether it is money, fame, power, contentment, personality, peace of mind or happiness that you seek the thirteen chapters of this book will be well worth your time and money. You simply cannot read a book like this and not be changed in some way. Read it once, then twice, then thrice. Read it until its message becomes crystal clear to you. If you really want to make your dreams come true that will come easy.
get: Think and Grow Rich

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5. The Go Giver – by Bob Burg & John David Mann

The Go Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe learns that changing his focus from getting to giving—putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives—ultimately leads to unexpected returns.

Told in story format, “The Go Giver” risks being mis-positioned as being trite or cheesy because of it’s title. It is most certainly neither. Instead, “The Go Giver” uses a simple narrative to uncover what it truly takes to be successful. Joe’s story is similar to a situation we’ve all been in – the pressure to increase sales RIGHT NOW. Through the narrative, the authors reveal 5 critical elements that Joe was missing in his search for success. You use the concepts in this book every day.
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6. The Power of Positive Thinking – by Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale mixes years of work, experience and knowledge with great Biblical truths to come up with a book that is rich in meaning and full of practical suggestions on how to apply these in your own life. This is supported by actual examples of how other men have applied these principles and managed to change their lives in one way or another.
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If you need any of these books but don’t know how to get them, you can contact me through for help. You can also contact me for other books you need.

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