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Are you a teenager? Do you think because you’re 15 or 17 years old that you don’t have the ability to make money online? Presently, there are many young teenagers making money online all around the world. So if you’re a teenager seeking and looking for ways to make money online with little or no investment, then you’re at the right place. Am sure with this FREE information and an Internet enabled computer, you too will build a business empire online.


Before you decide to start blogging, you need to decide which one you will like to go for. Decide maybe you want to start with free blogging platform (blogger & or you want to get a paid one ( where you will pay $4-$5 monthly for hosting fee. After deciding on the blogging platform to choose, create a blog and start bringing visitor to it. Below are simple ways for teens to make money online with blog.

#1. Affiliate Marketing:

You can make money with your blog as a teenager by signing up as an affiliate with affiliate network companies like Clickbank, Amazon and the rest. After signing up with an affiliate company, put the affiliate ads of product or services you wish to promote on your blog. Once anybody makes a purchase of any product or services you are promoting, you will get a commission. The commision you’re likely to make from affiliate networks differs among products. But you can be making $5-$100 per sales. You need to make a wise decision on products you wish to promote. If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing you need to be able to drive targeted traffic to your blog. You can get some list of affiliate marketing companies on Google by searching for the term “free affiliate programs”.

#2. Pay Per Click (PPC):

PPC is another and popular means most teenage bloggers monetize their blog. Before you can make money from pay per click advertisement, you need to grow you blog readers to at least 100 readers daily. What you need to do to earn from Pay per click is to sign up as a publisher with any pay per click company you choose and place their ad code to any location on your blog where you want their ad to appear, so whenever a visitor to your blog click on the ad supplied your blog, you will get a percentage of the money paid by advertiser to the pay per click company.

I regard pay per click as one of the easy and best ways for teenagers and webmasters to make money online with their blog or website. Some popular pay per click companies you can sign up with are Google Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite, Yahoo publisher network, Bidvertiser etc. there are lot of them out there, they are free to join and earn. But make sure you read their Term of Service (TOS) before signing up with any of them.

#3. Selling on eBay

EBay is a great online market where buyers and sellers meet together. With Ebay auctions, you can make money being their affiliate and you can also make money by selling your old stuffs there.
Signing up an account with eBay is free, but you will need to pay them if you want to put stuffs you wish to sell on auctions. You’ll need a PayPal account, credit card and a shipping service to ship your products.
Though eBay is a little bit complicated in terms of understanding and how to use it to make money, but it has work for most teenagers by selling their own personal used stuffs.

#4. Selling a Service or Product

You can also make money online as a teenager by selling services and product to people. You can sell services such as SEO i.e. you can offer search engine optimization services to people in terms of helping them to build quality back links to their website and any other SEO services. You can also render services like Blog and Website building. I.e. you can tell people to hire you to help them build professional looking website / blog. The number of services you can render on your blog is limitless just need to be creative.

You can also sell product such as Mp3s, eBooks, eCovers etc. you can sell product that belongs to you and likewise product that belongs to someone else but you need to have a given right to sell it. Learn How to create eBooks and Ecovers.

#5. Direct Ad Services:

If you don’t fancy using PPC on your blog, then you can try dealing directly with advertisers yourself by telling them to put their ads on your blog. But before you can start such thing, your blog must be popular because advertisers believe they need to get exposure to let people know they exist. With direct ad services, you decide the price you want to charge advertisers on your own.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities out there on the internet for teens to make money online, you just have to be creative, productive and open your sense to opportunities floating around the internet. Blogging is interesting and easy to start considering the value and money you will earn from it. Have fun Blogging……

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