Top 5 Internet data providers in Nigeria in terms of speed and cost

Internet data refers to the data that allows one to visit internet. Irrespective of what you do on the internet, be it, browsing, streaming videos or music online, chatting on social media, you need internet data to do them. In Nigeria, there are a lot of network providers that offer internet data services. Some of them are;

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is a subsidiary of MTN group which happens to be a multinational company that is based in South Africa and its branch offices in almost every country in the African continent. MTN was the first GSM network ever to make a call in Nigeria on the 19th of May 2001 after the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) launched a Nigerian GSM auction earlier that same year.

The primary services that are provided by MTN Nigeria include GSM, Data services, International roaming and mobile phone retail services. Some of the packages made available by MTN are mPulse, Pulse, Xtra Value, AWUF4U, BetaTalk, and Welcome Back Offer. The Data offerings include Data Plans, Data Settings, Goodybag Social, YouTube pack and 4G LTE. Under Recharge there’s Airtime, Xtratime, and Xtrabyte. MTN also offers Value Added Services.

Globacom Nigeria

Globacom Limited, more commonly known as GLO is a telecommunication services provider in Nigeria that is owned by a Nigerian and the company’s headquarters is located in Lagos. The company started operations on the 29th of August. At present, the company is in operation in four different countries in West Africa. These countries include Benin Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and of course Nigeria.

Over the years, the company has been able to introduce lower tariffs, pay per second billings, Education, Health as well as other value added services. The Globacom one submarine cable is responsible for its ultrafast connections to the internet in Nigeria and all the other West African countries.

The services offered by Globalcom Limited include GSM services and Data offerings.

Etisalat Nigeria

Etisalat is a multinational telecommunications company that was established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over 40 years ago, be that as it may, its operations are spread about 16 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. The company launched its operations in Nigeria in the year 2008 with its headquarters in Eti Osa, Lagos.

Etisalat Nigeria set in motion, one of the first main broadband services in Nigeria which the company named EazyBlaze. Etisalat offers GSM services as well as Data offerings. One of the company’s groundbreaking service is the Eco Sim and Etisalat Nigeria is the first network to provide its customers in Nigeria with mobile numbers through its 0809uchoose campaign. Two years ago, the company announced 4G LTE in Nigeria currently operational in some areas in Lagos and Abuja. Currently, Etisalat Nigeria goes by the name 9mobile.

Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is a member of the Airtel Africa Group and was established in 2001 and then, the company’s name was Celtel Nigeria. The company was the first telecommunications company to launch marketable GSM services in the country and in 2010, the company took over ownership from Zain.

The services provided by Airtel Nigeria include Top-Up, Internet, Promotions and Devices among others. Top-Up allows individuals to recharge their phones with airtime for making calls and sending SMS texts. Airtel offers Tariff Plans such as Data Plans and YouTube Packs. Services provided by the network include 3.75G, Facebook Flex, Airtel 4G, Internet Settings, Phone Backup, SmartSHARE and lots more. Airtel also has apps like Airtel Appstore, Airtel Care App, Wynk, and Start App.


Smile launched the first African commercial 4G LTE network in Tanzania precisely in the month of May, 2013 and by so doing the company brought up a new way for individuals to gain access to data online. It was in March the following year that Smile launched its 4G LTE mobile broadband in Nigeria and that has since then spread through a few states in the country. To be specific, Smile is only available in Benin, Lagos and Abuja.

Smile offers a wide range of 4G LTE devices that are of high quality and are able to work with PCs as well as phones. Smile also introduced SmileVoice which provides its customers who use the VoLTE-capable handset, Android or iPhone that has the SmileVoice app with the opportunity to make calls with the aid of LTE having good reception and connection after the first try.

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