Top 6 investment banks in Nigeria for loans

An Investment Bank is a private company which offers services that are related to finance to individuals, corporations and governments. Their activities cover growing monetary capital through underwriting all the way to acting as agents that issue securities. Investment banks could also be of assistance to companies that are part of mergers and acquisitions commonly known as M&As and offer additional services like market making, trading of derivatives and equity securities, and FICC services (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities).

Investment banking activities are categorized into “sell side” or “buy side”. The “sell side” includes the exchange of securities for cash or for further securities examples are; market-making and facilitating transactions. The “buy side” on the other hand comprises advice to organizations that buy investment services examples are; private equity funds, mutual funds, unit trusts and more.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management

Stanbic IBTC has its origin from Investment Banking and Trust Company Limited (IBTC) incorporated on the 2nd of February 1989. In that same month, IBTC received a license for merchant banking and on the 1st of March 1989, the bank resumed operations. Then in January 2002, the license for merchant banking was converted to a general banking license and then in 2005, IBTC became a public company and its shares were listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is a subordinate of Stanbic IBTC Bank which is a member of the Standard Bank Group. Stanbic IBTC Asset Management offers products and services to both individuals and institutions. To private individuals, the services available include; Direct Debit and Mutual Funds and to corporations, Stanbic IBTC Asset Management adds to Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management.

Vetiva Capital Management Limited

Vetiva Capital Management Limited is a financial services company in Pan Africa that is incorporated in Nigeria and has been registered and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and even the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Vetiva Capital Management Limited is licensed to offer various services such as Trusteeship and Stockbroking through its subsidiaries: Vetiva Trustees Limited, Vetiva Fund Managers Limited and Vetiva Securities Limited. Each of these subsidiaries act as Broker and/or Dealers, Fund and/or Portfolio Managers and Corporate Trustees respectively.

The services that Vetiva Capital Management Limited offers include investment banking and asset management with as have been mentioned earlier, brokerage and dealing and trust services.

The vision of Vetiva Capital Management Limited is:

“To build a world class Investment Banking Practice with core Pan-African competence.”

Vetiva Capital Management mission statement:

“To be the leading Independent Investment Banking Institution in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Greenwich Trust Ltd

Greenwich Trust Limited was incorporated on the 25th of February 1992 and it was not until June 1994 that the company resumed its operations. The company engages in investment banking, asset management, and securities dealing. The investment banking unit offers services such as financial advice, structured finance and solve capital issues. The securities dealing unit acts as placement agents and deal in equities, government securities, bonds, debentures and more.

Greenwich Trust Limited has the following subsidiaries: Greenwich Asset Management Limited (GAML) and Greenwich Securities. Greenwich Asset Management Limited (GAML) offers solutions that are concerned with investment. Their products include: Green Wealth Account, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Administration Services, and Structure Products. Greenwich Securities on the other hand trades treasury bills, bonds, equities and other securities.


BGL Plc is one of the first Investment Banking Companies in Africa. BGL Plc’s Head Office is located in Nigeria and the company offers Financial Advisory services, Corporate Finance services, and Private Banking/Asset Management services to institutions, corporations and the government. The objective of this company is to “continually meet and exceed global standards to ensure that we provide for Africa the very best Investment Banking and Investment Management Services.”

The company’s subsidiaries include; BGL Securities Limited, BGL Asset Management Limited, BGL Private Equity Limited, and BGL Capital Limited. BGL Securities Limited provides stock brokerage services and offers online trading of securities, margin trading, and collateral management services.

Meristem Securities Limited

Meristem Securities Limited, formerly Great Africa Securities Limited, is also one of the first Investment Banking companies in Nigeria. It is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to function as an Issuing House, and as dealers and brokers. Its subsidiary firms are; Meristem Stockbrokers Limited and Meristem Capital Limited. Meristem Stockbrokers Limited offers brokerage services. Meristem Capital Limited on the other hand, specializes in Investment Banking. They offer capital market services, financial advisory services, capital raising (Debt and/or Equity).

Meristem Securities Limited also provides wealth management services which are devoted to aiding their customers increase and sustain assets. Furthermore, they also provide Trustee services under which there are Trusts for both private individuals and for corporate institutions. Private Trusts include: Living Trusts, Custodial/Nominee Services, Administration of Estate and more. Corporate Trusts include: Security and Debenture Trust, Company Secretarial Services, and Trustees to Employee Benefit Schemes.

Chapel Hill Denham

In February, 2008, two firms were merged and Chapel Hill Denham became the result of the merger. These two firms, Chapel Hill Advisory Partners Limited, formerly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Issuing House and Market Maker since its establishment in April 2005 and Denham Management Limited, also registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Fund/Portfolio Manager, Broker/Dealer, and Investment Adviser in July 1994, both came together to form the Chapel Hill Denham.

Chapel Hill Denham works with financial institutions, multinational and major corporations, domestic and international investors, regulators and governments to bring about sustained growth and development in the private sector and to provide better access to capital markets. Their services include: Investment Banking, Investment Management, and Securities Trading.

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