Awoof: SwiftKey makes every single premium keyboard theme free

It has been over 2 years now since Swiftkey the famous smartphone keyboard app reached the decision to make its basic keyboard app free. Then it aimed at sourcing revenue from a theme store for a variety of keyboard looks with some options paid. Fast forward to today, Swiftkey has changed that policy making all Swiftkey themes free!

Awoof: SwiftKey makes every single premium keyboard theme free

Yes every single SwiftKey theme is now available for your enjoyment at no cost. Paid packs, premium themes, every 100+ of them at no cost; free!. You can quickly proceed to the SwiftKey Store located in your app. Its awesome considering that all stuff there are marked as free. You can just take everything or handpick some to download. We also have a fresh option of Vivid pack rolling in a number of amazing colors.

The change applies equally to iOS and Android although Swiftkey is yet to tell us how it hopes to monetize this. Well it is possible that for the acquisition of the company by Microsoft, it no longer needs your small coins for every single theme you would love to go about installing. But on a more pragmatic end, we see that Microsoft may have us pay in other means by possibly forcing some of its projects on the users.

Yet don’t scared but rather enjoy the moments with free SwiftKey themes. For those of use stuck with Google keyboard, a try wouldn’t hurt either.

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