Auto Reply to All Your Facebook Birthday Wishes

Recently a post was shared on how to auto post birthday wishes on your friends wall on their birthday. So today, I want to share a simple way you can auto reply to all your Facebook birthday wishes even when you’re not on Facebook that day.


There is an application that you can use to thank your friends for the birthday wishes they posted on your wall automatically. With this application, you can either auto comment a “Thank You Message” or auto “Like” the birthday wishes. Better still, you can combine the two together i.e. (Thank You Message and Like)

Steps to Auto Reply to All Your Facebook Birthday Wishes

==> Login to your Facebook account, go to Say Thank You app and allow it to access your Facebook profile

==> Now that you have grant the application access to your profile, now set your birthday date/month/year.

==> Now select how you want the application to respond to your friends who have posted a birthday wishes on your wall by choosing either Comment Only or Like Only or Comment & Like or Wall Post.

==> Finally, you will need to select your Facebook friends you want to thank for the wishes they sent to you.

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