How to Apply Coupons for Discounts

Yesterday, I shared some valid Vouchers/Coupons that shoppers can use online to get discount on any goods they purchase.

Since we are not all internet savvy, I decided to share how to apply the coupons on JUMIA with a step-by-step picture.

How to Apply Coupon on JUMIA Website

First of all, you need to visit the JUMIA Coupons Page for the list of coupons available. I want to use the second coupon listed on the page for this tutorial. The coupon code is ‘JUMIA1GRG’.

 Go to, pick any product of your choice and click on Buy Now.

After clicking on the buy now link, a page will pop out where you would be allowed to apply coupon (if any), and then checkout or continue shopping. Insert the coupon into the space provided, click use and then wait to see the magic.

Can you see the magic now? N1,000 has been deducted from the price of the shoe. The shoe that earlier costs N6,495 has been discounted to N5,495 by using the coupon code ‘JUMIA1GRG’.

Now that the coupon has been applied, you can now decide to continue shopping or checkout.

Hint: coupons can only be used once, but you can use it many times by creating a new account upon every checkout. I cut N1,000 away from every order I placed with this little explanation.

Do you have any coupon or need help? Use the comment section below.

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