Tim Cook Says Apple Wouldn’t Join a MacBook and an iPad

Apple’s large-screen iPad Pro was put on sale just a little while ago. The launch was by a distance lost in the shadows of the statement CEO Tim Cook which he gave to The Telegraph. In the question, he doubted the credibility of the possibility of anybody buying a PC these days. In a following interview with the Irish Independent, Cook went on to give more emphasis on the subject.


To clear up the chances of any wrong knowledge, Cook revealed that Apple doesn’t recognize the Macs and PCs to be the same.

Apple’s iPad Pro has been billed by some as its alternative solution to Microsoft’s Surface, a hybrid tablet that takes up the places of a stout workhorse when combined with a keyboard cover.

Cook, however, doesn’t seem to be too serious with the comparison. The executive has publicly disclosed to the Irish publication that they are of the opinion that their customers are not really interested in a solution to the converged Mac and iPad.

He admitted to the knowledge that the deviation between x86 (PC) and the A-series (Apple’s own chips) is much less than it’s ever been but they are very conscious of the reality that people make use of both iOS and Mac devices.

Bringing these two products together would wind up bringing into existence an experience that wouldn’t be as impressive as what the customer would desire, Cook pointed out.

On the other hand, Cook reveals Apple has the intention to produce the most efficient tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world.

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