Apple’s next iPad Pro, with tiny bezels and no notch

An icon in iOS 12 developer beta 5 appears to have provided confirmation about the important details of the next generation of the Apple iPad Pro. The new tablet will have ultra-thin bezels as is the case with the iPhone X, however, it will have no notches. The blue iOS 12 icon displays a tablet with thinner border lines and that are more aligned and a row of apps at the bottom of the home page, according to the report from our sources. However, the existing iPad icon depicts a home button and a front camera at the top.

A year ago, there was an accidental HomePod firmware release which disclosed the front-facing design of the iPhone X in the same manner. Therefore, this icon, even though it is not part of a leak, provides a legitimate outlook at the front-facing design of the next iPad Pro. To back this up, we have heard certain rumours that Apple was going to release its next iPad Pro without bezels.

Be that as it may, the rumours that claim the iPad Pro will be using Apple’s FaceID biometric authentication system which also appears to have been confirmed through iOS 12 beta screens cause a lot of questions to arise regarding the lack of a notch for the icon’s image. In the iPhone X icon image, the cutout for cameras and even sensors that make up the TrueDepth module in the notch were all clearly represented.

That same cutout design is not available on the iPad Pro icon. It is entirely possible that the iPad icon that was displayed does not have granular details that provided space for a notch. Also, there’s a possibility that the new iPad Pro does not have bezels the same way the iPhone X has no bezels, thus providing enough room for the engineers at Apple to fit the module into the bezel.

One other thing that bugs the mind is the question of whether the new iPad Pro will have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Given the details we have here, the answer to that question is, “probably not.”

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