Apple Music presents its own Android Homescreen Widget

It is a reality that yet we don’t have home screen widgets appearing on iOS. But this is no restriction on Apple on making a gain out of Android’s distinct strengths. The company has now updated its Apple Music app with a fresh-out-of-block widget. This widget can be dropped straight onto your tablet or phone’s home screen. There is no much complication to this as it offers controls for skip,pause, as well as jumping back on the last track. This time,we also have a heart, this way it is possible to have a contribution to Apple Music’s subsequent picks well related to your tastes.

Apple Music presents its own Android Homescreen Widget

We don’t have that itchy playlist disturbance for the most recent Apple update where it had been oddly mandatory for the users to add music to their library prior to including those very songs in a custom playlist. In this new update, we see a little nicer improvement as it is more convenient to see what is playing at present on Beats 1, even up to redeeming gift cards from the settings menu and lots more.

Apple Music brags a 3.5-star review average, which suggests that many consumers on the Android side are basically not opposed to giving Apple’s subscription music service a try at least — most likely owing to reasons like this. Last month, we saw the update Apple Music made so as to bring in compatibility for SD storage. Still we can still trace one deficiency: No Chromecast support yet. If you are a new Apple Music subscriber, then you remain a legit candidate for three-month trial free of charge.

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