Apple is reportedly working on truly wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7: A perfect companion for a phone with no headphone jack

Purely wireless earbuds are eventually becoming a reality coming as from the looks of things, it would not be taking long before tech’s biggest company unveils its own pair. The report is loud that Apple is working on a premium set of entirely wireless earbuds — under the Beats brand — with solid hope that the earbuds could debut alongside the iPhone 7 later this 2016.

Expecting wonders from the iPhone7

Expecting wonders from the iPhone7

Said to be included in the Apple’s earbuds is “a noise-cancelling microphone system” which will give users the opportunity to interact with the iPhone and control Siri completely and also wirelessly too. From the sources we gathered the information from, Apple’s current concept shares resemblance with what we’ve seen (which did well to impress) from Bragi at CES this week. And they are recharged in the circumstance of being placed inside a carrying case, close to the Motorola Hint.

It is agreeably understood that these premium headphones will be not be a present or mandatory acquisition as it will be an optional purchase as it will not be coming bundled with the iPhone 7; rather, an improved pair of EarPods are baking in Apple’s oven to be included in the box. Most likely those will plug into the Lightning port, because off course, Apple really is (probably) disposing of the services of the headphone jack. Buckets of rumors have all outlined the prospects of Bluetooth headphones as well as others sourcing operational power from Apple’s Lightning jack.

Also there is the possibility that Apple will introduce the iPhone 7 this September , probably months after a mid-cycle push-in of the smaller-sized “iPhone 6C” which according to rumors is priming for release this March.
However, Apple’s said to be looking at several designs for the new flagship, with a particular clue that “substantially” looks like the iPhone 6 / 6S.

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