Apple is launching Standalone Apple Support app for iOS

Apple is at present dishing at a fresh app for iOS devices. It will be tagged Apple Support and in the very close future, it will be released in every country via the App Store. As at this moment, Apple is testing it with it Netherlands. This app support will be extended out to other countries in the very next days to come.

Apple is launching Standalone Apple Support app for iOS

The standalone Apple Support app combines all services associated with Apple support into a single destination. On the homepage of this app, you see a listing for existing Apple devices, this cuts across adept model information. It also brings along expository “How To” articles, this is not overtly general as this help articles are more filtered according to the Apple products you boast in your collection.

This app is really going to be a blessing to the Apple family as the app would give you the opportunity to enjoy more personal chat with representatives of customer support, even giving you the room to arrange schedule visits to offline Apple Stores on the grounds of repairs.

The support app brings along a History section, there you get listing for your support queries. This is really lovely and soonest we should be having it here in Naija.

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