Apple backed against a wall: Desperate times?

Ever heard the saying “A drowning man will grasp at straws?”, well it looks like Apple is at that point or very close to; maybe that’s a tad exaggerated but you won’t blame me when you see what they tried to do.


First, they had a decline in the sales of iPhones, then they lost a patent suit in China and now this? Sure they have the iPhone 7 in the works but that won’t be out till at least a year – if not more. Even at that this sure seemed like a rookie move to me. Selling used iPhones?! Hey, I am no Apple fanboy but I sure respected Apple for standing for one thing: Class!

There’s nowhere you would hold an iPhone that you wouldn’t be considered more fortunate than the person next to you – except of course you’re in an Apple office ;-). Anyways, in an attempt to boost the iPhone’s sales (even if it was by a little), they wanted to try selling used iPhones to Indians and of course, they were rebuffed. Why? I’m no conspiracy theorist but reports say it was the handiwork of a lobbying group that wrote to the government asking it to refuse Apple request and, wait for it… Samsung is a member!

Now this either way was a dicey move for Apple as India is a country where 80% of it smart-phones cost $150 or less; then you come around with a device with a $300 or more price tag?! On the flip side, if this had worked out as Apple planned, they would have increased their market share in the country(which currently is at a very low 2%).

How did they get these used iPhones you might ask… Well, they recently launched an “Upgrade your iPhone” program in the US which as you’ve probably guessed involves swapping in your old iPhone for a new one then balancing up a token. This would have been a typical case of kill two birds with one stone or in this case 3:

Get rid of the tons of old iPhones coming in

Increase market share in India

More revenue – which Apple is sooo about.

This seemed like a very nice plan; quite a shame that it fell through. I’m quite anxious to see what other aces Apple has up their sleeves; if any. This indeed is not Apple’s best year.

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