Apple, working on noise-canceling AirPods for launch in 2019

According to the reports that have gotten to us from our sources, it appears as though Apple is making a move to upgrade the headphone lineup under its jurisdiction. This they intend to do by the year 2019. The upgrade is a novel and prominent version of its wireless AirPods headphones with a feature that enables it to block out noise called noise cancellation and the technology for water resistance as well as an over-ear model as was rumoured before now.

Before we got this report, we had gotten a report from another one of our sources claiming that Apple would be adding the noise-cancellation feature to its AirPods at a certain time in the year 2019. Our sources however further reported that the over-ear models may be delayed regardless of the fact that an original rumour in March had already gone out that they were going to be released before the end of this year.

More reports suggest that the AirPods headphones with the noise-cancellation and water resistant features may not be the only kinds of AirPods that Apple is working on. We got a tip that a new model which happens to be less sophisticated than the others and includes a new wireless chip and support for hands-free Siri activation is slated for release sometime within this year and it will be coming with a new case for the earbuds that will support the AirPower wireless charging mat that Apple is preparing to launch.

In addition to the new headphones that Apple is working on, the company is also working on a new HomePod model which it plans to release by next year. Even though as of yet we have no in-depth information regarding what features the new HomePod will have or how much it will differ from the model that is currently available.

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