Amazon’s iPhone app includes AR feature that identifies replacement parts

Amazon added an update to the camera search on its iOS app called “Part Finder” which gives users the ability to search for specific nuts and bolts that you may require more of and need some help to ascertaining them. If the augmented reality feature of Amazon is able to identify it, the app will aid you to purchase more of the screw you are searching for.

iPhone users interested in making use of Part Finder should open the Amazon app and tap on the camera that is close to the search bar. Next, tap Part Finder (it’s the one that has a screw as its icon.) From this point, things get more complex in the sense that you have to align the part your eyes are on above a penny and tilt your phone till you are able to centre it on a white surface. This is particular difficult because it may take some time to centre the image, however, if you are able to get past the section, you have nothing more to worry about.

The update makes use of the iPhone camera’s augmented reality to determine the depth and width of the part and it leaves the other areas of identification such as the head style and drive type for you to decipher. As regards safety, this tool should not be depended on for items or repairs that are critical to things of importance. In that note, the mystery part should be taken to a hardware store for better handling. Be that as it may, the fact that Amazon may be able to identify it is impressive.

The most fascinating part is that in 2016, Amazon made an acquisition a visual recognition company called PartPic whose specialty is in pinpointing small parts. There’s a chance that Part Finder is the integration of PartPic on the Amazon app.

At the moment says Amazon, Part Finder works only for fasteners – this means that it works for screws, nuts, bolts, and washers – but with time it will spread to include other replacement parts. We now know that the feature is available on iOS but we have no details concerning the time it will be made available on Android.

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