Alexa is being more personal with custom responses

Two days ago, Amazon introduced a new way to create Alexa skills without the need for coding or tech skills. Alexa Skill Blueprints will permit the average household customize a variety of questions with personalized responses which are freestanding to routines. The idea behind this is to make it a lot easier for anyone to create a skill or question or answer that will only run on their Alexa devices. The could be anything ranging from a custom joke reply to an Alexa question such as “who’s the best dad in the world?”, the ability for Alexa to create a set of instructions for the pet sitter or babysitter, or predefined “burns” to roast your friends.

Amazon Alexa VP, Steve Rabuchin said, “You don’t need experience building skills or coding to get started. My family created our own jokes skill in a matter of minutes.” Amazon is providing a set of templates to give anyone the ability to create these skills and custom questions/responses. The templates include custom questions and answers, replies designated for house guests, trivia games, jokes and even short stories that could also be of good use especially for bedtime stories when a parent is working away from home. Frankly, that is a wide variety of templates applicable to several households.

The custom questions and answers will seemingly be the most captivating feature for users of Alexa given that they now have something to say in response to a custom question. This new feature will invariably open Alexa up to a few cheery replies as well as make it vulnerable to abuse. These custom responses are limited to the Amazon account linked with the Alexa device however, that may not stop people from posting funny custom Alexa response videos in the weeks to come.

Alexa Skill Blueprints has already been made available in the US since two days ago and Echo owners can start creating custom responses with the templates available on Amazon’s Alexa website.

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