Top 5 national footall teams in Africa (FIFA latest ranking)

In many nations of the world, football is what brings people together and this has been like this for a long time. In Africa especially, the African nations and people have a lot of common sports but none is more uniting than football (soccer).

Below are the best national football teams in Africa according to FIFA’s latest ranking.


The Lions of Teranga is the football team that represents Senegal in international football competitions. This team is governed by the Fédération Sénégalaise de Football.

The national football team was created in the early part of the 60’s. They have always been a regular appearance in the Africa Cup of Nations, as a matter of fact the team made a significant move when they came out as second (winning the silver medal) as they lost to Cameroon in the Africa Cup of Nations in the year 2002. That very year, the team qualified for the FIFA World Cup and got to the quarterfinals after they beat France. Combined with the just ended FIFA World Cup, their appearance at the World Cup is twice in total.

Their current world ranking is 23rd.


Équipe de Tunisie de football is the national football team that represents Tunisia in international football competitions. The team was established originally in the year 1957 and it is currently under the control of the Tunisian Football Federation. The Tunisian football team is nicknamed Les Aigles de Carthage which means Eagles of Carthage.

The football team has made an appearance in the end stages of five (5) FIFA World Cup competitions. They also made an appearance in the Africa Cup of Nations about eighteen (18) times, and they also appeared in four (4) Olympic Football tournaments. The Tunisian football team has the record of being the first African team to win a match in the FIFA World Cup tournament.

In the latest FIFA World Ranking, Tunisia is 26th.


The Lions of the Atlas is the nickname of the national football team of Morocco under the management of Hervé Renard.  Morocco’s national football team won the Africa Nations Cup in the year 1976 and this team was the first African national team to win a group at the World Cup in the year 1986 as well as being the first to make it to the second round. Their qualification to play in the 2018 FIFA World Cup makes it their first within 20 years of the last time they qualified.

So far the football team has made five (5) appearances in the FIFA World Cup tournament and they have featured in the Africa Cup of Nations sixteen (16) times and also in the African Nations Championship, they made three (3) appearances and even won this year’s tournament.

They rank 40th in the FIFA World Ranking.


The Super Eagles is the name of the national football team of Nigeria. It is this team that represents the country in international football tournaments and is under the government of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The Nigerian Super Eagles have won the Africa Cup of Nations three (3) times, the last time being in the year 2013 after beating Burkina Faso.

In the year 1994, this football team was ranked 5th in the FIFA World Ranking making it the first team in Africa to ever reach that position and is till date the highest position that an African team has ever attained. Super Eagles have qualified for all the FIFA World Cup competitions except one –  the one in 2006.

The current FIFA ranking of the team is 44th.

Congo DR

The national football team that represents the Democratic Republic of Congo in international football competitions is known as The Fédération Congolaise de Football-Association nicknamed The Leopards. The team was established in the year 1919 and at the time the country was yet to gain independence. The team became associated with FIFA in the year 1962 and it became a part of CAF in 1963.

Their only appearance at the World Cup was in 1974, be that as it may, the team has appeared in the Africa Cup of Nations eighteen (18) times and it also appeared in the African Nations Championship four (4) times.

As of December, 2018 ranking, the rank of Democratic Republic of Congo national football team in the FIFA World Ranking is 49th.

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